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Pathology Dictation

close up of the grossing tableWhether it's the grossing table, the autopsy room, your office, or something you think of at home or in your car, DICTRAN has the right solutions for every aspect of Pathology dictation.

We have expert installers skilled at working around autopsy rooms and Pathology Labs. We support a wide array of dictation devices for every unique circumstance. Lately, the trend in autopsy has been toward wireless dictation headsets which free the pathologist to move around the area without worrying about whether or not the microphone is picking up what is said.close up of the grossing table

With DICTRAN's Pathology Dictation System, there is never a question whether or not you are recording, with visible PC time-stamping, a flashing red recording sign and optional beep tones. Our waterproof foot pedals stand up to the messiest situations. And DICTRAN's unique architecture insures that your voice is being recorded regardless of your hospital's network interruptions, phone problems or other problems which, with other systems, can delay the pathologist's ability to work when needed.

womean looking in microscope

With available bi-directional HL-7 interfacing, DICTRAN's Pathology Dictation and Transcription system can interface to any HL-7 compatible pathology system. We can also build custom interfaces to other Pathology systems.

With a unique modular design you only buy the components you need.

To schedule a no-obligation demonstration of the DICTRAN's Pathology Dictation and Transcription system, call (800)841-6121 and press 2 for Customer Service.

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