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The digital voice recorder Sony style

digital voice recorder Sony

If your business needs a portable digital voice recorder, Sony is an obvious choice. They are a brand famous worldwide for their innovative technologies and quality products. Business products need to be reliable or they are not only a waste of money but also a potential loss of time and work. Sony delivers reliable technology. For a versatile, high quality digital voice recorder, Sony is your solution.

Sony digital voice recorders and accessories

Sony digital voice recorders

DicTran carries more than one style of Sony digital voice recorders and related accessories. Whether you need a recording device that is compatible with the NaturallySpeaking software or a hybrid system that can take external memory cards in addition to its on board memory, Sony has the solution for you. There are also incredibly useful accessories such as conference room microphones that will allow you to record an entire room full of sound and wireless microphones that will eliminate wires running across tables and floors. These will help you get the most function out of all models of Sony digital voice recorders.

Voice recording software and beyond

Although voice recording software is very popular, there are even greater advances in the digital recording field. The Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 software actually turns spoken words into on screen text automatically. Most Sony models are compatible with this amazing software as well. With specialized versions for medical and legal offices, as well as the general use version, NaturallySpeaking is an incredible leap forward, standing out as the best voice recognition software and can easily be used with your new Sony digital recorder. Visit DicTran today and browse the selection of professional dictating and recording equipment. You will find the solution to your office recording needs.

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