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Choosing voice dictation software

voice dictation software

Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 is the pinnacle of voice dictation software. Since its initial version it has gathered dozens and dozens of industry awards and recognition. There is simply no better software available. The question is not if the NaturallySpeaking 10 package is the right voice dictation software but which version is right for you.

There are specialized versions for legal and medical offices. These are designed to integrate into the specialty software found in these professions. They also carry vocabularies loaded with industry terminology or allow you to customize your own. A general business version is also available as well as the Preferred version, an less expensive package for home use or for those just experimenting with voice recognition technologies.

DicTran carries all of these versions of the Dragon voice recognition series as well as a full range of digital equipment to modernize your office. DicTran is not only an industry leader in transcription technologies, but also offers the best prices available.

Advancements in digital dictation equipment

Digital dictation equipment has been an incredible improvement over old fashioned tape recorders. By creating digital files, dictations can easily be transferred to computer so they can be transferred easily to any location. Specialized microphones are available to allow direct recording to your PC or laptop. Devices such as the WAVpedal give transcriptionists easy, hands-free control of the sound file playback. Digital dictation equipment now even includes software that will allow for specialized spell checking and even automatic completion of complex terminology. These can improve the efficiency of workers exponentially but some software, such as Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 will allow you to eliminate transcriptionist entirely! NaturallySpeaking is the best voice recognition software available and will increase your office's efficiency.

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