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The latest medical terms dictionary

medical terms dictionary

It is important for every doctor's office to have an up to date medical terms dictionary. Between the changing technology, the expansion of knowledge and the new JCAHO mandated standardized hospital abbreviations it is important that your staff is not stuck using incorrect terminology. For years, Stedmans Medical Dictionary has been a standard resource and DicTran has the latest edition. In fact, DicTran has the latest Stedmans products in print and their electronic version on CD-rom. You can choose the traditional printed version if that is what you prefer or you can install the latest dictionary onto you PC. The PC based medical terms dictionary allows you to instantly move from topic to topic and easily fond the information you need. It also eliminates searches for a book that has been moved because it will always be waiting on the computer. No matter which version you choose, your Stedmans will be a valuable resource for your office.

Beyond the Stedmans Medical Dictionary

Stedmans Medical Dictionary

Now, the Stedmans Medical Dictionary is joined by several other fine products. Stedmans now also offers a fourth edition of their popular Medical Speller, an easy to use reference book for ensuring that your writings use the proper spellings of complicated terms. Another popular product, particularly in light of the new JCAHO standards, is Stedmans Abbreviations, Acronyms and Symbols, which is also available in an electronic version for your computer or in a software package for your PDA. Another fine product from Stedmans is their innovative Smartype software. This program actually integrates vocabulary from its specialized medical terminology dictionary into your word processor programs, enabling spell check features and allowing the program to insert commonly used phrases to save your typists time.

Visit DicTran today and explore the collection of Stedmans products to determine which ones are right for your office.

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