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Olympus DS-4000 digital voice recorder

The key to the versatility of the Olympus DS-4000 digital voice recorder is the wide array of features including:

  • 32 megabyte xD card included stores 11 hours of sound
  • Two programmable buttons for customization
  • Rugged, silent slide switch operation
  • Rechargeable NiMH battery built in
  • DSS professional dictation software included
  • Stores up to 10 separate user presets
  • Compatible with WAVpedal 7

These amazing features allow you to integrate the DS-4000 into your office environment. For example, the DSS software provided can be used on Microsoft PCs and Apple Macintosh computers. The two multi-purpose programmable buttons allow each of the up to ten user profiles to customize the controls to enhance to functionality of the recorder for their tasks. This means that ten unique user profiles can be created so that the same unit can be used by one person to facilitate easy recording and by another to maximize their ability to control playback. Combining this model with the popular WAVpedal system only adds to an already amazingly flexible system.

High quality Olympus voice recorder

Olympus voice recorder models are available with fixed, usually flash based, memories or with removable memory stored on xD cards, which are also used in cameras and other devices. The advantage that many people find in removable memory is that it is also upgradable. It is also sometimes easier to move memory cards around an office than it is to transfer equipment and equipment to read xD cards can easily be added to a computer. Of the Olympus digital recorder models with removable memory, the DS-4000 has proven to be one of the best digital voice recorders and most popular.

Other Olympus digital recorder options

Of course, there are other Olympus voice recorder models. The DS-2300 and DS-50 both feature removable memory. Browse these models and accessories at DicTran for great everyday prices and find the perfect Olympus digital recorder for your office.

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