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Olympus digital voice recorders

Olympus digital voice recorders

Olympus digital voice recorders have set the industry standard for quality and reliability. They manufacture extremely versatile units that can be used as personal voice recorders or for important dictation and transcription tasks. Most are compatible with the popular WAVpedal to allow for convenient hands free control of playback. DicTran only carries a few select brands of portable digital recorders and is proud to offer not only new Olympus digital recorders but also refurbished units with a manufacturer's warranty. This incredible selection means every office can afford to equip itself with the professional dictation technology necessary for peak efficiency in its transcription work. Although there are several models available with a variety of features, they can be generally divided into two categories: those with fixed memory and those with removable memory.

Accessories for Olympus digital recorders

To maximize the benefits of Olympus digital recorders DicTran offers several compatible accessories. The Olympus Digital Conference Microphone Kit allows you to produce a quality recording of an entire conference room. The Gabber Grabber is an incredibly easy to install device that allows you to record both sides of a phone conversation. This will allow you to monitor phone calls for quality control purposes or record important teleconferences. Finally, one of the best digital voice recorder accessories is the WAVpedal. This converts a PC into a professional transcription station, complete with hands free playback capabilities.

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