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Portable digital recorder selection

When selecting a portable digital recorder, the first guideline to establish is price. This will no doubt become one of the final determining factors anyway. After determining a budget, memory is the next consideration. There are basically two general types of digital recorders: internal memory and removable memory. If you can be fairly certain of the amount of time you will need to store at any given time or if you need to minimize the amount of accessories and pieces to transport, an internal memory device is probably best. If you need an open ended amount of storage or may need to transfer the memory from place to place, a portable digital recorder employing xD cards or other styles of memory cards is probably a better option. After reviewing these characteristics, then it is time to consider the special features that you may need. For example, many Olympus dictation devices can be used with the WAVpedal system for hands free playback and other professional features. The ICD-MX20VTP is a Sony digital recorder that has Dragon Naturally Speaking built into it. Naturally Speaking is the best voice recognition software available and will convert your recorded files into text.

Professional Olympus dictation equipment

DicTran has a wide range of Sony and Olympus dictation equipment and accessories waiting for you. Simply browse through the selection on the easily navigated website and compare the models that interest you. For the budget conscience there is even an offering of refurbished models with manufacturer's warranties. Order through DicTran's secure shopping cart and your order will be promptly shipped to you.

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