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Modern medical transcription equipment

There was a time when medical dictation meant speaking directly to your typist while she worked at her typewriter or even took shorthand. Those days are over, though. Today's medical offices not only require specially trained staff members to handle dictation and transcription but also state of the art medical transcription equipment that will allow the fast, efficient and accurate work. There are a variety of dictation program options available from DicTran for all types of budgets and sizes of offices.

For example, the WAVpedal allows hands free control of computer sound files you have recorded. Several easy to use microphones, such as the Phillips SpeechMike, allow you to record directly to your computer. After dictating your document, you can easily email the file across the office or across the country for typing. If you prefer more traditional equipment, DicTran also carries great recorders from trusted brands such as Dictaphone, Olympus and Sony. However, if you want cutting edge medical transcription equipment, DicTran also carries amazing software such as Stedman's Smartype. It integrates into your existing word processing program and adds specialized terminology and automatic completion of commonly used but hard to type medical terms. Even more amazing is the Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical 9 that allows you to speak into a microphone and instantly translate your words into text!

Updating your medical terminology dictionary

It is extremely important to keep an up to date medical terminology dictionary in your office. After all, with the advances in knowledge and other changes such as the new JCAHO standardization of hospital abbreviations means that an older edition could not only be incomplete but actually incorrect! DicTran carries several choices of dictionary including electronic versions for PC or PDA. The Stedmans Medical Dictionary produces an electronic version on CD-rom for your PC that allows you to quickly access information and easily bounce from topic to topic. DicTran has the perfect medical terminology dictionary for your office.

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