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Digital medical transcription equipment

Digital medical transcription

The advance of digital office technologies has not been lost on the modern medical office. Digital medical transcription equipment has been designed specifically to increase the efficiency of the transcription. There are several ways this can be accomplished. Software programs allow the typist to quickly and conveniently access medical dictionaries or even assist in entering complex phrases and terms while adding medical vocabularies to existing word processing programs. Specialized equipment such as recorders and foot pedals allow the transcriptionist to control the speed and direction of audio playback without moving their hands from the keyboard. The WAVPedal allows this type of control of sound files already on a PC and other devices, such as the Phillips SpeechMike, allow you to dictate directly to your PC. This allows you to work anywhere you can take a laptop and simply email the necessary files to your staff! This is the type of freedom and convenience modern digital medical transcription equipment offers.

Of course, you will find all of these exciting technologies and many more (such as the amazing Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical 9 voice recognition software) at DicTran. The professionals at DicTran monitor the industry and select the finest products available from several brand name manufacturers. DicTran then offers these models to you at the best prices.

Professional medical transcription courses

medical transcription courses

To increase office efficiency, professional medical transcription courses are mandatory. The specialized terminology and complex nature of record keeping in the medical industry mandates training for office personnel. After all, there is a great deal more to modern medical transcription than simple word processing. Someone who has not been specifically trained to understand the office systems and conventions of the medical industry will not be able to quickly and accurately perform these duties. Medical transcription courses are necessary to full prepare the staff member, but to get the best possible results they need to have access to professional equipment.

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