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Voice dictation software technology

Imagine being able to speak into a microphone and have your words instantly fill in the forms you are completing or create an email response. Voice dictation software makes this a reality. Your office will be more efficient than ever as employees are freed from transcribing your notes. Better yet, this technology will save you money as well as make you more productive. Voice dictation software will allow you to quickly and easily complete emails, reports and forms from your laptop without ever typing a single character. At DicTran, you will find the leading voice recognition software: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10.

Dragon dictation software options

There are several Dragon dictation software programs available. The Professional version is a general program for business applications. It integrates with almost every Windows based software to allow you to write letters and other Word documents as well as compose emails and even complete web forms without typing. This is the perfect system for busy executives and small business owners. For legal and medical offices there is special Dragon dictation software maximized for the special needs of these industries. For home users or those who want to experiment with voice recognition before committing to the pricier full version, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Preferred is the best voice recognition software.

In addition to Dragon software, DicTran has everything you need to outfit your office with state of the art transcription and dictation equipment. From call in systems to microphones that allow you to record directly to your office computer and create sound files to email to your staff for transcription. Explore your options today and increase your office's efficiency.

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