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Modern medical transcription solutions

medical transcription equipment

Traditionally, medical transcription has been a rather labor intensive task. Modern equipment allows today's medical offices to perform all the necessary transcription work more quickly, efficiently and accurately than ever before. Digital medical transcription devices range from dictaphone equipment, to digital microphones, to PC, to even voice recognition and other specialized transcription software. The offerings from DicTran include trusted manufacturers such as:

  • Sony
  • Olympus
  • Dragon
  • Phillips
  • Stedman
  • Dictaphone

DicTran offers a wide range of solutions that are sure to accommodate every need, including budget.

Digital medical transcription equipment

Digital medical transcription

By far, the most popular modern solution to transcription needs is the implementation of digital medical transcription equipment. DicTran carries several versatile models of Sony and Olympus digital recorders. Some models store the sound files for playback internally while others utilize removable media. This allows the user to expand the memory as necessary as well as easily transfer the memory from the recorder to a computer.

There are other useful pieces of digital medical transcription equipment besides recorders. The Phillips SpeechMike and Olympus Directrec facilitate recording directly into the PC for a streamlined transcription process. Software can make medical entry work more efficient in a number of ways. Stedman's Smartype is a speed typing program that is geared towards the medical industry and, among other features, converts simple key combinations into common terms and phrases used by medical offices. This saves a great deal of time and reduces errors. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 is voice recognition software that eliminates the need for typing all together by converting speech directly into text!

Explore DicTran today and discover the digital solutions to your transcription needs.

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