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Maximize medical transcription course results

medical transcription course

A medical transcription course is necessary to achieve the maximum efficiency from a transcriptionist, but it is only part of the formula. In addition to the proper training, your staff also needs professional medical dictation equipment for the best results. Turn to DicTran for great prices on the best brands of dictation and transcription equipment such as Dictaphone.

Dictation and transcription equipment

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they can simply get away with a cheap tape or digital voice recorder. This is not the case. Cheap recorders often have extremely poor audio quality that will slow progress. They also are not designed to facilitate the techniques taught in a medical transcription course. Foot pedals and other professional gear are designed specifically for the quick, easily controlled playback necessary for an efficient transcriptionist. Thanks to advances in digital technology, dictation and transcription equipment are more versatile and less expensive than ever before. DicTran carries everything you need to outfit your office with the professional equipment you need for peak efficiency.

High quality Dictaphone equipment

For years, Dictaphone equipment has been the acknowledged pinnacle of medical transcription technology. Their name is virtually synonymous with office place dictation. They have set the standard for the industry and continue to lead with their high quality, durable and high functional equipment. DicTran is proud to carry refurbished Dictaphone units that carry a deep discount but retain a manufacturer's warranty. Refurbished Dictaphone equipment has all of the advantages of normal retail units without the price. Contact DicTran today to see which models are in stock now or to order other brands of quality dictation equipment.

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