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Choosing the right Dragon voice recognition software

Dragon voice recognition

Dragon voice recognition software is available in a few different packages. It is available in both basic editions for home and professional for business, but there are also versions specifically for medical and legal offices. These versions are designed to integrate easily with popular specialized programs and carry vocabulary banks of industry terms. These vocabularies can even be customized for your specific discipline. Explore the Dragon speech recognition software at DicTran for a review of features. When you select the right program for your office you will soon find yourself saving thousands of dollars every year as you dictate directly to your PC!

The best voice recognition software

Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking is recognized as the best voice recognition software. This is not just an idle claim; this software has been receiving awards since it was introduced, including recognition from:

  • PC World
  • PC Magazine
  • C NET
  • Smart Computing
  • Law Office Computing
In fact, this incredible technology has won over 170 awards to date. It is easily the best voice recognition software available for home or business use.

Dragon speech recognition software

Dragon speech recognition software comes with a microphone and is easily set up. It can be used with most Windows based applications and includes support for Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird. You can even control your mouse by voice with this incredible application! Dragon voice recognition software includes easy to follow tutorials to help you integrate your new software fully with all of your applications, but it is not difficult to use and does not require an unnatural new vocabulary to be adopted.

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