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Find the best digital voice recorder

best digital voice recorder

DicTran is your source to find the best digital voice recorder models available today. Sony and Olympus are the featured manufacturers because they are trusted brands putting out some of the finest equipment available. From portable digital recorders to units that can recognize and store presets from up to ten different users such as the Olympus DS-4000 or Sony ICD-MX20, you will find the perfect model for your application. Once you have determined which model is best for you, DicTran has the accessories you need to maximize your efficiency.

Even the best digital voice recorder can benefit from something like the WAVpedal 7. It allows a transcriptionist hands free control when they review sound files. It is an easy way to increase efficiency. There are other great accessories available at DicTran as well, such as the Gabber Grabber, an easy to use device that allows the user to record both sides of a phone conversation. There is even voice recording software and electronic medical dictionaries to assist medical transcriptionists to quickly and correctly perform their tasks.

The best voice recognition software

best voice recognition software

If you are looking for real cutting edge technology to increase your office's efficiency and lower costs, then you may want to consider voice recognition programs. DicTran carries the best voice recognition software currently available, Dragon NaturallysSpeaking 10. This amazing software will actually automatically transcribe your spoken words to the Windows based text program of your choice. The Dragon voice recognition software has won over 175 awards since it was initially introduced and continues to be the acknowledged leader in the field. There are versions available specifically for the medical and legal industries complete with specialized vocabularies and the ability to integrate with industry software. This type of power is part of what makes NaturallySpeaking the best voice recognition software available.

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