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Great Olympus voice recorders

Olympus voice recorders

Olympus voice recorders are quality pieces compatible with the WAVpedal 7 foot pedal and software for easy, hands free control of playback (WAVpedal sold separately). They make both fixed and removable memory units, which employ the popular xD style memory cards. Olympus voice recorders are a fine choice for anyone considering stand alone recorder units. You will find the best models and great prices everyday at DicTran.

Choose the best digital voice recorder

best digital voice recorder

Every office has different needs, so there is no one single best digital voice recorder that works for everyone. Many offices prefer to record with a stand alone recorder while others find it more convenient to record directly to a personal computer. A stand alone unit offers portability that many computer based systems do not. If finding the best digital voice recorder seems like the right fit for your needs, the first decision is whether you need a unit with fixed or removable memory. Fixed memory units have no external parts to lose but removable memory allows for an easier transfer of the vocal files. Removable memory models also have the advantage that they can be easily upgraded with additional memory chips, similar to those used in many digital cameras.

The best digital recorder brands

After choosing the memory style best for your needs, it is time to look at individual models. It is advisable to limit your search to name brand units and the best brands are the familiar names such as Olympus and Sony. These quality manufacturers bring the same high standards they have established with their other products to their recorders. A quick review of the offerings at DicTran will allow you to compare the features of the most popular Sony and Olympus models to find the best digital recorder for your office.

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