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DicTran provides high-quality dictation and transcription products for medical, legal, insurance and general business applications. In fact, our attention to every detail of your dictation and transcription needs has been proven and awarded.

DicTran is your sole source of the innovative WAVpedal 7 for Transcription and VoiceWare Server, the most advanced dictation server available.

DicTran is a Dragon NaturallySpeaking Certified Partner for your voice recognition software needs. DicTran is an Olympus Certified Partner for professional audio products. We are a Sony Authorized Reseller. DicTran is certified as a Master Digital Center by Philips.

Award-winning systems and customer support, including the winner of the Medical Transcription Industry Association's Industry Support Award in recognition of "outstanding dedicated support to the medical transcription industry."

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WAVPedal 7 Voice Ware Server

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Attorneys and Law Enforcement

We have all your dictation needs covered including:
blue box Dictation Transcription and Case Management
blue box Police Force Dictation
blue box National Security
blue box Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition Legal Vocabularies

Insurance Agencies

Need to improve office efficiency? We have great resources for you including:
blue box Claims management recording and transcription
blue box Legal Dictation and Transcription


We have high-quality professional business products to solve your dictation dilemmas!
blue box Executive Dictation and Transcription

Medical Dictation and Transcription

We have state-of-the art solutions for dictation and transcription at every level of the medical profession.

Hospital Dictation and Transcription
blue box  Enterprise Dictation Solutions on Dell or HP Servers

Medical Group Practices Dictation and Transcription
blue box Radiology Dictation/Transcription RIS and PACS Interfaces
blue box Pathology System Dictation/Transcription Interfaces
blue box Cardiology Dictation and Transcription
blue box General and Internal Medicine Practices

Private Practice Physicians
blue box Digital Dictation and Transcription on a budget

Medical Transcription Service Companies
blue box Features specifically designed for MTSO's found nowhere else

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The Finest Digital Dictation Services

DicTran Dictation Services is a leading outsource dictation service for hospitals, clinics, and medical transcription service organizations (MTSOs). Find out more!

The Finest Medical Transcription Equipment

DicTran is your source for professional and medical transcription equipment. Trusted name brand manufacturers are found on the online catalog such as Dictaphone, Sony and Olympus. DicTran even offers refurbished equipment with warranties for those on a tight budget. You can easily outfit a digital medical transcription station with an easy order from DicTran. There are even medical specialty accessories such as print and electronic medical terminology dictionary offerings. You will find only the best at DicTran. The best digital voice recorder for your needs is waiting. DicTran even carries Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13, recognized as the best voice recognition software available today. Whether you need a personal portable digital voice recorder or an entire call in system, explore the catalog of DicTran for incredible deals or read our articles for more information on selecting the right system for your needs.

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